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Dressage Trophies Now Complete

Trish Conk  | Published on 2/12/2018
Over time, it became very clear that several dressage trophies were missing.  While eventing has junior trophies, dressage had none and it was time to fix this problem.  We know in the past trophies for our dressage juniors in Intro through 1st level had been donated but we had no idea where they had gone.  Our best guess is that several years ago, there was no year end winners and the trophies were never collected from the previous winners and these trophies are likely in the basement/attic/back of closet of the junior riders’ parents.  It’s very likely these same junior riders have long grown up.

It was time to move on and, fortunately, through the generosity of businesses and individuals, we have new trophies!

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the following:

Sprieser Sporthorse:  Intro Level Junior

Piedmont Equine Services:  Training Level Junior

White Oak Veterinary Service:  1st Level Junior

Cathy Handford:  Replacement for 2nd Level Trophy

(FYI, the old 2nd level trophy which is a turkey platter with a rider motif, was snatched up at the silent auction after a hot bidding war)

While a big thank you hardly seems enough, it is all we have to offer.  Now, our trophy inventory is complete.  It is through the generosity of individuals and businesses such as these that benefit our club.  Please thank them if you have a chance!