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THE CDCTA Recognition Program


Created to encourage membership to participate at area shows that have a working relationship with our organization.  This works by increasing show visibility and providing participation incentive for members through the CDCTA end of year awards program.


 What You Get

  • Shows / Events on our website calendar
  • Shows / Events on our newsletter calendar
  • Inclusion in our list of Recognized shows list, which means that results from your show will be allowed towards CDCTA member’s End of Year standings
  • A full one page flyer in one issue of the newsletter for each show (you pick the month)
  • $75 per show.

Stand Alone Advertising

  • Business Card -- $90 for 1 year (includes website advertisement)
  • Quarter Page -- $25/issue -- $275/year (website and one free issue)
  • Half Page -- $30/issue -- $330/year (website and one free issue)
  • Full Page -- $55/issue -- $605/year (website and one free issue)
  • E-Mail Blasts (2,500+ recipients) -- $50/e-mail. (e-mails will use business as originator so all replies a directed back to you)


When creating artwork for email blasts keep these things in mind:
--Total image size: Less than 500kb
--Color: RGB or Black and White (no CMYK)
--Resolution: 72 dpi
--Total dimensions: 800 pixels x 600 pixels
--Keep all the main information at the top. Treat images and graphics as a top banner rather than a complete page.
--Do not include detail (information) text within an image. Text should be provided separately in a Word document.
--Save image files as jpeg, gif, or png. No PDFs are acceptable.

Ad Specs

Please Contact Joe Verga ( with any questions.


Pay For Advertising

Email Blast
Newsletter Business Card Advertising
Newsletter Full Page Advertising - 1 month
Newsletter Full Page Advertising - Full Year
Newsletter Half Page Advertising - 1 month
Newsletter Half Page Advertising - Full Year
Newsletter Quarter Page Advertising - 1 month
Newsletter Quarter Page Advertising - Full Year